Wholesale orders

If you are interested in doing wholesale with us please email: beatcactuscustoms@gmail.com

Our requirements for wholesale orders

For Graphis tees:

Please send us an email with your business name, and EIN number. 

We will send you our catalog.

Website sign-ins coming SOON! 

For Revamped Shoes:

•shoes are supplied to us for your order unless we arrange for something different. 

•must be over 20 pairs of shoes to qualify for wholesale order discount. 

•wholesale order turn around is 2-3 working weeks once we receive the shoes

•the company placing the order will also be able to pick the Pendleton patterns they want on the shoes and how they will be put on the shoe or any special details added 

•wholesale orders require a 50% non refundable fee up front, and the other 50% once the order is finished.  

if you have any other questions, please feel free to email us. Thank you.